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DWITA - Duality Of Life

Presented by Rama Vaidyanathan & Dakshina Vaidyanathan

A mother and her daughter remind us of a duality that exists in every walk of our lives. While both complement and empower each other, one symbolizes the present and the other is significant of the future. There is always two sides to a coin, two perceptions and two paths to a goal. The challenge however is to recognize both and for both to coexist. DWITA a Sanskrit term that means duality, explores the double take on different aspects of Man and God.
DWITA is presented with a live orchestra of 4 members.
Dancers - Rama Vaidyanathan and Dakshina Vaidyanathan
Nattuvangam and Vocal - Dr S Vasudevan and K Venkateshwaran
Mridangam - Ramamoorthy Sriganesh
Flute - Rajat Prasanna

This is Audio recording of the live show in Austin, TX USA, held on May 18th 2015

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Sound Engineer: Hemanth Bhagawatula
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