SCSA CNE BrainBench Certified BrainBench Certified

Hemanth K. Bhagawatula




Over 15 years experience in System Administration /Network Engineer, primarily in UNIX Environment. Strong in building Solaris and Linux systems, managing Data centers, LAN, WAN and related equipment and have a good exposure and understanding of both Hardware and Software. Maintained a wide range of systems from Servers to PC’s and telephones, software and local & wide area networks of various sizes. Worked on SunOS to Solaris porting projects, Sendmail with multiple mail domains and have a good working knowledge of DNS, managing multiple DNS Domains, manage tools and compilers, upgrades, licensing, network monitoring etc.


Worked on many Cost reduction projects like Server and storage consolidation, mail and DNS centralization,  contract renegotiations, relocating data centers. Also responsible for Windows and Network administration.


Professional Experience:

Caseta Technologies, Inc. / Telvent / Schneider Electric / Kapsch TrafficCom Transportation (KTT)

Austin, TX and Long Island City, NY

March 2003  -  Present.


Working as a Sr. System Administrator, supporting corporate and client systems at Kapsch TrafficCom Transportation (KTT) Austin office. KTT's SmartMobility Tolling is the most accurate, reliable system available. I am responsible for the Systems and Netwroks for the Tolling systems - Server and Network builds, DNS/Mail/Firewalls/SAN/NAS/VPN with Multifactor Authentication, maintenance, upgrades, backups and troubleshooting. RHEL/SuSE/Oracle/CentOs Linux, NetApp, Xiotech, EMC, Dell, Freenas, Cisco, Moxa, Palo Alto. Managing a team of staff members from Tier 1 to Tier 3


SchlumbergerSema (Formerly Cellnet),

San Carlos, CA 94070.

May 2001 – Feb 2003   (Apr 2000 – Apr 2001 as Consultant)


System and Network Administration of Sun and Windows network, including managing Sun systems running Solaris 2.5.1 to Solaris 9, Network Appliance Filers (F720/880), and RAID arrays, PC's, Laptops and Servers running Win 3.1 to Windows 2000 (Pro and Server) and Linux, account management, Security, Backups (Veritas Netbackup, Spectra 10K AIT2 Tape Library), VPN and Dial in access, network management tools, Veritas Volume manager, Web servers and Portmasters.


Major Achievements:


Cyberprime Inc. (Consulting firm)

Fremont CA.

July 1999 – Apr 2001

Client: Cellnet/Schlumberger, San Carlos, CA

Designation: Unix System Administrator (Consultant)

Apr 2000 – Apr 2001

Independently maintained, upgraded, documented and consolidated the systems during the acquisition of Cellnet Data Systems by Schlumberger to bring the systems to the current Schlumberger Security standards. Supported a user base of about 100 local developers and many remote offices.

Responsible for creating a new IT support team and training them.

Maintained Solaris systems on platforms ranging from SS5 to E450's.


Client: PCTEL, Milpitas / San Jose, CA (Aug 1999 – Apr 2000)

Designation: System Administrator (Unix Consultant)

System Administration of Ultra60 Servers, Ultra10 workstations and linux PCs running Apache web server and PostgreSQL and Netapp 740 filer. Duties involve Account management, License Management, Home Directories, NIS, Backups, Software upgrades and management including release and beta software and LSF. Developed a Web based Helpdesk and facilities management tool. Involved in complete company relocation to a new office from San Jose to Milpitas.



Bangalore, India

Sept 1998 – July 1999

Client: SYNOPSYS (INDIA) LTD. (Sept 1998 – July 1999)



Mahindra Network Services Limited,

Mumbai and Pune, India

Dec 1997 – Aug 1998

Designation : NETWORK Engineer


Maintenance of a Value added network, providing EDI, Internet and Intranet services. Duties involved HUB maintenance, consisting of an IBM RS6000 Server running Oracle 7.0 Database and the Phoenix EDI Engine (From SNS, Singapore), Account and user creation, Bill generation, network monitoring, Technical support to software team, Backups and Help Desk management.


Dataline and Research Technologies (I) Ltd.

Mumbai, India

Jun 1996 – Nov 1997

Designation: NETWORK Executive.


Installation & configuration of MTA, data communication equipment, Maintenance of a wide area network consisting of HP-9000 (e-45), SCO and Sun Sparc (SS10) Servers over leased, dial up lines and VSAT's, (SMTP and UUCP) e-mail and UNIX User maintenance, supervision of mail transfer, System Backups, Remote maintenance of servers, Tele Support to Field Engineers and clients , Gateway Configuration, installation and support For cc:Mail, MS Mail, Novell MHS to UNIX etc. on HP-Openmail Backbone, Configuration of the mailing software (MTA) and routes.


Indcomp Information Systems.

Madras (Chennai), India

Nov 1995 - May 1996

Designation :Service Engineer


Maintain & upgrade Novell, Linux and AT&T Unix LAN and Systems at various client locations, Installation of software, Systems, Printers, LAN installation, maintenance & Upgrade etc.


Education :